Wiki and Website Development Prices

Our standard website, intranet or wiki packages cost £1000.

We don't just provide a basic template site with a limited number of pages; we create a design unique for you with an unlimited number of pages, and you have complete control over the content. We provide a site based on the Wikidot platform with a custom content management system designed for you so that you can update content from anywhere, with no special software, whenever you like and as often as you like. You can change text and photos, and if you wish to you can even change the design after some training.

We usually provide two initial designs and we then discuss a final design with which might mix-and-match from from the first designs or add any ideas you have. We then build up the functionality of the site and include content provided by you.

You will receive a training package to help you manage the site after just a short amount of tuition (we provide this within the price). This is either a hard-copy manual or an online equivalent if you prefer. But we also provide on-going support and help after the site has gone live. The wikidot platform is ideal either for a static website or a wiki collaborative website with many people contributing to it.

The standard package offers hosting, domain name registration, site development with custom css design, unlimited pages, photo galleries, calendars, noticeboards, chat facilities and forums. If you wish to have other features we are happy to discuss this although for some extra features there might be an additional charge depending on the complexity or time it will take to implement.

Our sites are ideal for community groups, villages and towns, voluntary groups and charities.

So do get in touch to discuss how you and your organisation can benefit from a first class, flexible, custom website.

Quotation for online database projects

We develop databases on the Caspio Bridge online database platform from These might be small databases for your group or business, or larger secure databases for charities and government. These integrate well into the Wikidot-based sites we develop. But each database is different in size and complexity, so please contact us and we will discuuss your requirements and the price with you.

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